Filter Technology

"The four-layer filtration technology in the Nomad mask means each breath you take is cleaned thoroughly before it reaches your lungs"



1. Outer non-woven fabric layer

The primary layer of the Nomad mask helps filter out larger particulate matter such as dust and smoke.

This outer layer is customized with select on trend prints as seen on different models of our masks to ensure your style does not suffer while keeping safe.


2. Activated carbon filter layer (Antibacterial and Antiviral)

This inner filter is our innovatively engineered pure activated carbon fabric which is used by armed forces around the world for products that are being used within chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protection.

Our activated carbon protective filter generates a natural barrier which traps and prevents bacteria and viruses passing through due to its porous structure.

This layer stops bacteria and viruses on its tracks and will absorb any gaseous molecules trying to pass through.

3. Particulate filter layer (PM.25 to 0.3)

The third layer of the Nomad mask is the particulate filter.

Our particulate filter has shown more than 95% efficiency in filtering particulates of PM 2.5 to PM 0.3 – these can be defined as - small, light and very fine particles in the air.

Therefore, our activated carbon technology paired with our high-performance particulate filter can be a very effective tool in fighting our current epidemic.

4. Inner non-woven fabric layer

This is the last layer which has been designed to provide a comfortable and durable finish to the Nomad mask which feels great on your skin and keeps your face feeling happy.

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