How to Care For Your Nomad Mask

"Each reusable mask has a wipeable cotton surface, so there’s no need to machine wash, just sponge clean the outside with warm soapy water."


The dirt from the surface areas can be wiped off but the filters capture the tiny air particles & pollutants, these will be permanently bonded to the filter.  Due to this reason it is not possible to wash the filter system inside the mask. This meas the filters are doing an excellent job protecting you and your body. 

Please replace the Nomad Mask once the filter system has become full. The user will know once the mask filter is full as it will become much harder to breathe through the mask when in use.

The Nomad Mask can be used for approximately 3 to 12+ months. The usage period of each mask is dependant on the air quality of the environment the mask is used in.

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